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The mini is really just to hook up to an amplifier that you already have established. So in my case, I’ll use it to hook up to my Home Theater. Just use 3.5mm to rca. It is just the least expensive route to go. To think you could get 10 of those Arylic units for $500 is pretty nice. BUt you have to have the amplifiers.

The Odin 5 is my Favorite 3d printer I have used to date. CUrrently the Fokoos Odin 5 is 20% off, so costs around $280ish. It uses a direct drive motor, with auto load and unload. It is really nice to use the direct driver. No more having to snake the filament through the Bowden tube. It just goes right into the extruder. It can plug up to USB directly to your computer or print via a micro sd card. One of the things that was really nice, is that it will go to all four corners to level the bed. You just press a button and it goes to that corner and you set it the distance you want. Then repeat for all 4 corners. I have found this to be much easier and consistent then any other way I have had to level the bed. It is also very quiet compared to any other unit I have used. I also really like the display. I did a video on it here:

I have never tried octoprint with it and I am not set up for it. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. But I can’t say for sure. However it does use a version of Cura. They have the option of adding things like BL touch and a wifi module. But that is something you have to add later. I haven’t done anything like that.