Just like everything, there’s a learning curve. Once you get a couple of hours on it, things start to move more naturally. Really, the biggest thing for me was learning to input the driver information correctly. That’s why I linked you to the search of Nick’s videos. The one on inputting driver info is invaluable.

Which one to use? Download both versions and try for yourself. Nick likes the older one, I use the newer one. Personal preference. And ask away if you have questions. We’re here to help everyone learn and grow as a community.

The port – you’d just make the port taller: keep the area the same – 7.25x.33 ~= 5.75x.42, same length.

The nice thing (or is that a rabbit hole?) about WinISD is that you can go back and forth, changing parameters and see on the chosen graph(s) how things look: bumps, dips, roll-off, freq. resp., power handling, port flow at different power settings, etc., etc.

Gotta get some sleep. Catch you on the flip side.

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