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Steven M

Actually no not for me it wasn’t a quick leap. I have a couple of rules when purchasing equipment. 1. find someone who’s opinion you trust. 2. Take their suggestion and research the it. 3 purchase it off Amazon so you can return it if there is a problem. My conclusion was that this was an ok printer. Not great but it was simple with all the bells and whistles that I would need.

The Prusa is a better printer but it’s a DIY printer. You put it together your self. You tinker with it and mod it. Well I got tired of tinkering with the dam thing. I got tired of listening to my son get frustrated trying to print something then feeling bad about himself because we blew 1K on a “hunk of junk”. This is a much simpler printer, easy to put together, easy to level, easy to operate with it’s large touch screen menu. Like you said in your review “Fun” to operate. Also since my operation I have learned that my time is limited on this earth. I would rather spend that time working on projects that I find interesting.

So no, it was not a quick leap. I knew what I was looking for and I value your opinion.