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@stevem are you using Cura or the Fokoos version of cura? The Fokoos version should have come on the sd card with the printer. If you are using the Fokoos I use the standard settings. You are using PLA? The preset temperatures are 60 and 200. I haven’t had to mess with them. However I did switch out my glass bed to a magnetic bed. But like I said before, that is personal preference.

Curious how are you leveling the bed? At what distance? I typically slide a piece of paper under the nozzle and adjust the bed height until it is just starting to pull on it. I do that for all 4 corners and then fine tune the 4 corners one more time. Once I do this, I don’t have to reset it for a long time. In fact, I have only reset the height once after the initial setting (that I remember).

Let me know if any of this has helped. Also if you need it we can get on a call together and see where our settings differ.