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All right guys I got a little bit of work done on the theater room this weekend. I added three new outlets to the back that weren’t previously there. Basically I’m just moving my equipment from the front of the room to the rear of the room. At the same time I ran an HDMI cable and four ethernet cables. These are run directly from my switch in my office. I still have more cabling if I decide to add any more ethernet cables, but for now I felt four was enough. I also added a power receptacle for the projector as well as an ethernet cable. It is possible that I might run an IR cable to the projector as well. I’m considering putting an IR by the screen that will relay those to IR emitters on each piece of equipment. This is probably what I’ll do, just haven’t got to that thought process yet.

All this is done just in time, as I want to test out the APA1200DSP next week. Assuming I have time to put all the ends on the ethernet cables, then I should be able to test it out and review it next week. I’m actually really excited about getting that video out. Not to mention, I’m really excited to find out if the auto tuning actually works as advertised.