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Steven M

ok here are some pictures of the end printed case for the amp. They came out very nicely. I used white for the top and back for the bottom. they came out very clean. I have to do some light sanding of the top and sides but it was minimal. The amp PCB fits the housing almost perfectly and fit with no trimming at all. I did have to trim just a little bit off the bottom when putting the two halves together. I also had to drill out the holes for the knobs. The nobs turn right and left, such as you might adjusting the volume or tone. They also have a secondary function if pushed in toward the amp. The problem is the case is to thick to allow for this in/out motion. The rods the nobs are mounted to are not long enough. The fix… Add a very small amount of sticky clay in to the post hole in the nob before putting the nob on the amp. This will prevent the nob from sliding up against the face of the case.