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Steven M

For those looking for a full-on enclosure cheap, there are several updated versions of the Prusa Enclosure on Thingverse. This is an enclosure that is based on the Ikea Lack table, about $20, parts you print out and some Plexiglas. The enclosure is great, I used one with my Prusa for a long time, cuts down on noise, keeps the dust, and draft out of the print process. The bad side is that it took me about 24 hours to print most of the parts. Assembly is easy. With a glass of Pappy and some Miles it takes half an hour. Without all that it’s about 15 minutes, and that includes installing LEDs on the inside of the box.

Another suggestion I might make would be the addition of an Octoprint server. This is for all of you who didn’t buy an enclosure and now the printer is sitting in the basement closet, because your wife complained it was too noisy. Out of sight, out of mind and you haven’t used the printer in six months. Or maybe the Pappy and Miles got the best of you and there is no way you are braving those stairs.

The print server allows you to remotely start, manage and track print jobs without ever leaving the comfort of your computer desk. It runs off a Raspberry Pi and allows you to control every aspect of the print process. It can even be tied into Home Assistant automations to send you pictures of the print process and notifications of any errors or completed jobs.