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Was a busy day at work. I have a file on my work computer. It’s an image off their website that shows a cut away. Problem was it’s drawn in a 3 pt. Perspective so I was only able calibrate a scale to the vertical dimension based on the overall height listed on their website. I was planning on trying my hand at WinISD to calculate the required volume of the different compartments based on speaker specs and the Hz listed on their website. The pdf I have a work I also colors the basic shape of the internal braces and compartments. I’ll upload it in the morning.

They state in their website the material is 3/4” thickness with a 1” front baffle. The braces seem to be the same 3/4” thick. The top woofer shares a vented compartment with the tweeter. The midrange on the top appears to be a sealed enclosure. The other 2 woofers have their own vented enclosures but appear each has a crossover within the compartment. This is all from memory. By looking at the internal braces, it appears they are designed at a 60 degree angle. I wish I had a CAD program so I could draw up a model, but I only have access to a robust pdf manipulator.

Have a great night Gents, I’ll post the file in the morning.