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Just watched the video and yiu invited me to the forum, thanks. I think 40″ is the sweet spot with these while keeping the ports. It allows a horizontal center as most dont have accoustic screens and also isn’t too overwhelming of you have a smaller room.

For me, my issue is I have to Full Marty’s on their side under screen so the towers have to sit on top of the subs. I planned for an MTM configuration to get the tweeter as close to the middle 3rd of the screen.

I wish I would have learned about this build earlier as I have been waiting for the 1099’s to come back in stock for almost a year and Erich set some aside when he got some last week so I just ordered them.

I have 37″ for my center so these probably would have worked at 40″ with ports as towers and the 37″ sealed center.

These look so awesome that maybe when I am done the 1099’s I will have to build these as

Jeremy Shurter will keep me up to date on his build and that will probably get me even more amped about the purchase. 5 days earlier and I probably would have changed my mind and built shorter versions of these.

With JTR being such a hot brand right now, you should sell a lot of these plans!!