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I was trying to find my notes before I attached that sketch, but I just found them…

The subs are supposed to be tuned at 31 Hz, 37 Hz, and 42 Hz. It states in their description they have separate ported enclosures, so I don’t think the angled braces are window framed, I think their solid (at least that’s how I interpret that).

Overall outside dimensions are 40.5″h x 8″w x 13.5″d and they weigh about 57 lbs each. 5-way binding posts, easy enough, SoundMatch 3-way crossover (not sure what that is, maybe a brand?).

The top Mid has a sealed enclosure w/ angled back (brace).

The tweeter and top sub share the space & the top crossover: X-over includes (8) components – (2) San Pass Resistors, (2) Electrolitic Caps, (2) Iron Core Inductors, (1) Air Core Inductor & (1) Poly Cap

Middle sub: shares space with the bass X-over with (3) components to this board: (2) Iron Core Inductors and 1 electrolitic cap.

The above info came from a YouTube Tear-Down of the Pinnacle Speaker.

Whats INSIDE?! SVS Prime Pinnacle! – YouTube

Indicated FEA-Optimized 1″ dome aluminum tweeter

Freq. Resp. of 29Hz to 25k Hz (+/- 3db)

Sensitivity 88db (2.83V @ 1m)

Power 20-300watts each.

Mid to woofer: 300Hz crossover

Tweet to Mid: 2.1kHz crossover.

1″ poly-sheet sound deadening

3/4″ thk sides & back

1″ thk front baffle

(3) 2″ dia. flared ports

Other specs (that I am not educated enough to understand just yet): Shorting Rings, Tweeter Diffusers

Hope this helps put the puzzle together a bit.