The problem is that this is my first endeavour into the audio world, I did not own any pre-amp or amp before, so I am very limited in things I can try to debug this.

I can also try to get a jack to RCA and connect the DINAS directly to my phone or computer. This will also connect all grounds together so its also a good test to see if its the amps that make the problem.

The aiyima is definitely the one that in the end closes the loop and connects all cathodes together and can’t follow that. But as I said, as there is no noise from using the aiyima and a single speaker, it means that it has no problems dealing with the power supply of the end amplifier. But in the case of the DINAS, being that each uses its own independent power supply, it seems that this is a problem.

As in its current state it is not possible to use both power supplies simultaneously I will try to pigtail one of them and power both speakers with a single PSU and see if this solves the problem. My idea is that this would solve the problem as it isn’t different from connecting both RCA terminals to a single amplification plate using a single PSU (as in both left and right channels will have a common ground, which is the cathode of the PSU).

If I make tests or solve the problem I will make an update.

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