I was able to run the speaker wire today. Currently I have everything hooked up to the receiver except for the rear speakers. Those I’m still deciding on placement and I might end up redesigning the box or doing something a little different to build them into the wall. I haven’t quite decided yet. Now I just need to finish the platform and change out those white outlets. You’ll also notice that I plugged a few holes that went through the plywood when I had a regular TV mounted there. I’ll have to sand it down and paint it black.

I use these to run the wire through. I got to say I’m really loving these connections. I honestly wish I would have used them sooner. They come with a hole saw to cut through your drywall. And then they just use wings to clamp onto the back of the drywall. You just tighten these with a screwdriver. These are significantly nicer than some of the low voltage covers I’ve used in the past. These are going to be my go-to from here on out when I need to run wires like this…at least for now.

I also just got in the new Dayton audio APA1200DSP. I plan to test this out along with the auto DSP function. This basically comes with a microphone that you can place at your seating area and it will DSP your subwoofer flat. I don’t know how well that works though, so I’ll make sure to test that out in an upcoming video.

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