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If you go that route and plan on setting up the horn horizontally for wide dispersion, you may want to reconsider the form factor since you will need a bigger cabinet and will have to re do the crossover anyway. Going to a MTM ( full tower or big stand mount) might work out better giving wide horizontal and narrower vertical dispersion more closely matching the horn’s radiation pattern.

Just looking at the picture of the Cinema 6 alone does not give you a perspective of the size and scale of the speaker. I slightly modded the aspect ratio of the front to be able to fit it in the entertainment center for my Great Room HT with the intent of using it in my Loft system later, taking it from a 2.1 music system to a second HT system. It turned out so well that I greatly sped up my timeline.

Look at my post above on this page showing pictures of it sitting on top of a JBL Sub550p and in its final position above a 65″ TV ( I am only using it as a Center). Now imagine it at least 25% wider and 15% taller!

In a MTM configuration, it would be closer looking to the JBL towers in the pictures which also uses 8″ woofers and a similar width horn. That form factor may be easier to accomodate; think of it as a ” mini me ” version of the Audience 212 Nick just built.

Food for thought since you would have to rework the crossover in any case.