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A good 2.1 amplifier would work really well.

  1. My favorite is the Arylic 2.1. It is a DIY board, but you can buy an acrylic case for it and even a remote control for being further away. You can also but their dsp software and dsp the sound to the way you prefer in your room. It is very powerful.
  2. Otherwise the Arylic 2.1 plate amplifier is another option. You would need to add some binding posts.
  3. The Lepai plate amplifier that I use on the DInas is a great amplifier. I pair this with a 19v 4.74a power supply.
  4. Or if you want a more standalone unit this Dayton Audio is a good one is also a good 2.1 amplifier.

These are just some of the ones you could use. You’ll just want to ask what you need/want out of it. THe Arylic is the most powerful for options. While something like the Lepai might be the easiest to implement.