Finally caught some time to investigate.

“The subs are supposed to be tuned at 31 Hz, 37 Hz, and 42 Hz. It states in their description they have separate ported enclosures…”
Using the supplied TS parameters, I ran the numbers for a 2″ port tuned to the 3 frequencies listed. To get the natural box sizes for each, they’d be:
31 Hz = 2.1 CuFt
37 Hz = 1.79 CuFt
42 Hz = 1.2 CuFt
That would mean the speaker would need a minimum of 5.09 CuFt, plus divisions, bracing, driver volume, port volume, X-Over volume, and Mid-driver box volume. The OUTSIDE dimensions of the Prime Pinnacle calcs out to 2.53 CuFt, and once you take out all the other things mentioned above plus the thickness of the box walls and faceplate, there’s probably less than 2 CuFt left to split between the 3 woofers, which means they are forcing the tune of each box or the drivers used are different than what we can tell.

If you can get some inside box dimensions so we can get the volumes, then WinISD can be used to see what they did. If I had time to put the outlines in AutoCAD, I could find out, but time is one thing I am desperately short on these days.

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