I’m also looking at the size of the room, trying to equate that to something easily compared. And honestly, a big full bore PA system in a room that size would just be puttering along for the most part. Now, if Thealchimist were to take this out to larger venues, then by all means “pump up the volume”, I mean power.

What I base my thoughts on are that when a much younger me was hanging around my oldest brother, he was hanging around a friend who would do sound for State Fairs where relatively big acts, mostly Country, would play on outdoor stages. Thus, my brother built some big 15″ cabinets (based on the friend’s units) with mid horns and tweeters. He would routinely DJ with just them and his 65W Pioneer receiver. And dang, this setup would be almost unbearable in the rec room on volume =3. Rec room is comparable to the projected room in the OP.

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