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First . Wow ! Thank you for your help ! It is really appreciated!.

Now . My girlfriend and I own a yoga studio and are planning a sort of ceremonial event . There would be all kind of music .. but mostly native music ( lots of percussions) , some Bocking music .Japanese drums , some trance music…but also classical, progressive rock,… I guess you get the picture.. so that is why I want some really good bass ..

The room is a 24 feet by 2t bigger than what I thought )with 16 feet high wooden ceiling (cathedral)

But in the future we would like to create events outside , or maybe in a friend empty barn( 40feet by 24)so I would say go a little bit overkill for the room we gonna have the next event in .. so I have some power left for bigger places.

What do you think about the amp 123toid built ? Would it do the trick ? And if after a few events they are under powered I’ll upgrade . I was looking at a aiyima amp .. ( it doesn’t have to be that cheap tho!)but I guess for the price I would be able to have my first event . I have found some used power amps .. I will post them here tonight so you could tell me if they would work for my project. Again . Thank you!