3D? Didn’t that die? No it did not! And I am loving it on this JVC projector! I finally got around to trying out 3d on the projector. Before I even hooked up a 3d disc, I noticed it had a 2d to 3d conversion. Yokes! I have tried these before and they are…well typically…terrible. But I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it anyway. I turned on Plex navigated to I Robot and played the opening scene. I figured if anything could look cool, it would be that. Especially with all the bubbles going on the screen, etc. I honestly was not expecting much. But boy, this combination blew me away! I was honestly asking myself, am I sure this isn’t a 3D movie? Of course, I knew it wasn’t, but boy it was hard to tell it wasn’t. I ended up using these Samsung 3D glasses (much cheaper on Ebay). I wish the lenses were a little bigger. But I really can’t complain, because the image was so perfect. It just takes some adjusting since I wear corrective lenses. I might end up getting some contacts in the future.

I did try a 3d movie as well and it was awesome. The depth of this combination was incredible. Typically 3D movies are too dark and you lose some detail, but this was not the case with either the conversion or 3D directly from the disc. It looks like I will be watching a 3D movie tonight! Now time to order some more glasses (4 more on the way). Now I need to decide exactly how many I want… Is 7 enough?

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