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Once I have it made, I gladly will. I just haven’t had time yet. I plan on taking screenshots to insert into the PDF so that people can see clear menu by menu how to get to the settings (One issue I have with many guides, even with pictures, they do not always make clear where the setting is or how to get to it, which then takes up a large portion of time trying to figure out how they got there). I don’t have the manual made yet, but once I do, I’ll tag you on the upload.

And yeah, that is enough MDF to build 6 tower speakers and 1 sub. I’m also going to see after I’m done if I have enough extra scrap pieces to make a prototype bookshelf. That bookshelf will use an SB Acoustic SB26STAC tweeter paired with a Scanspeak 18W/4434g-00.

But, since I missed moving some of the pieces I needed over to the spreadsheet and cutlist, I’m currently redrawing the models in Inventor and making all last minute changes to the design to finalize it. That way I make sure that everything is there for me to start. That is about $1K in MDF already…