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Sounds great. For active crossovers I go off of the same principles as used for passive (based on enclosure design as well as C-C driver spacing). The only difference is being able to use a steeper and therefore lower in frequency crossover which helps with driver integration, that and being able to use linear phase crossovers, that’s what I use active crossovers for anyways. For calibration of active speakers, I apply the crossover and then measure each driver in rew separately, then use bass limited and subwoofer settings to get the EQ in REW done right. We definitely have different methods, but yours is more suited towards lower capability (short FIRs) like these boards have with their ADAU1701 chips, whereas mine is more suited to not having to worry about FIR lengths at all, like the the Pi stuff I’ve been doing. I definitely think this will be an amazing resource for those getting into these ADAU1701 boards!