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I am looking forward to this! I will say this, I always wonder when someone says that they didn’t like a movie (say for example Pacific Rim), is if they watched it on their television. By the way, I just realized that is only $5 on Amazon shipped to your house. How do they do it that cheap? Back to my point. Movies like that or even Interstellar completely change when you listen to it with great sound. It is not like either movie is terrible without it (well it might). But the sound completely transforms a movie to help you get sucked in. I remember going to the theater to watch Pacific Rim and their subwoofers were not working correctly (I think they blew them). I left thinking, this movie stunk! Then I ended up buying it on 3D (mainly because it got such great 3d marks. When I listened to it in my theater with working subwoofers, I absolutely loved the movie! And still do. And with movies like Interstellar, the music will completely envelop you to where you get sucked right in. I can’t even imagine watching that movie without great sound. In fact, I refuse to watch it without surround sound.