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I’ve been upgrading / modifying to suit needs, TV sound since my time as a “yute”. Headboard speakers to not bother others at night, better external speakers wired into the TV, stereo output when stereo was finally available, and finally surround sound. But as you saw above, stuff just was never quite reliable. And the fact that I just have a really old house that has no real good spot to set up TV, let alone Cinema. The TV has to sit in a corner due to all the openings and other obstructions, as well as where the furniture actually fits. Such is the life of a Victorian style 1/2 a double house. Really, the best sound is actually stereo at the TV. Surround placement is dictated by other obstacles I have to take into account and where I can actually place them. Never been satisfied with it.

We’ll see what ultimately happens. Still giving it a shot.