Just a clarification – when you run the extension cord to the other branch, you keep the computer in the same room as before and still connect the same way to the AVR? If so and the noise goes away, then there’s the proof of the power connection being the issue. Makes me think of a bad grounding issue in the branch you are using or possibly a mis-wired outlet. In North America, the 3 wires are Black (hot, small blade), White (neutral, large blade), and Green (earth ground, D prong). Back at the breaker panel, Neutral and Ground are tied together, so should be at the same potential – 0. If you measure anything above a few to tens of millivolts AC, then you need to call and discuss your findings with an electrician, giving the backstory on why it is a problem (AV setup issues). A good honest electrician will help you discover further issues / root cause and help decide on a common sense cost effective remedy.

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