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Nick, I have a crossover question on the Cinema 6.

I did do some mods that lowered the DCR of the low pass, so I changed the shunt resistor of the L Pad to raise the output to match ( and also put in a compensation cap to flatten the response to match my JBL’s)

I changed all my resistors to Dayton’s 20W wirewound, just for margin. When I looked at one of your old XSIM tutorials, you showed other thjngs you can do with it ( first time I used XSIM was for this project) like model the power dissapation of the various components.

Having an EE background, I know the series leg of the L Pad is taking the brunt of the power because of the attenuation level and XSIM bore that out with that was dissapating 18+ watts of the 20 watt input.

So my question, why is it typical to use lower rated resistors in crossovers for the tweeter circuits ( my JBL’s also use low wattage components and they are rated for ovef 200W)

Is it because of the duty cycle being non continuous, or not having much energy at the higher frequencies? Having done a lot of crossover designs, I wonder if you know what the thought process is. Thanks.

PS: I know Wayne at Pi speakers uses 40W ( series/ parallel 10W resistors) for this same driver / waveguide combo, but I assume that is because the 15″ prosound woofer in his 4 Pi is rated at 800W RMS power handling.