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Thank you for the excellent feedback. I went for a casual read with lots of images. I was going to wait until I played with it for my projects, but those were taking too long and I wanted to get it out. Plus it snowed yesterday, so I used my time constructively and created a document.

For the sample and ms conversion, I forgot to mention which elements on the schematic can change what the input is by clicking on it. If you click on samples, it switches to ms. So I will need to put that in.

And explaining the benefits of LR filters does need done and I can link over to Linkwitz’s page where he discusses filters for the citation.

As to the infrasonic filter/excursion filter, the important part isn’t whether or not it accurately causes the fall, it is about whether it can prevent it from reaching X-Max in normal listening and prevent extraneous distortion. Even if you have to set it higher than the target frequency, the main goal is to get it headed down to prevent those events from occurring. But I do need to explain that better. I can also mention if a person prefers, they can save the instructions and remove those, then add an L-pad or make their own analog filter with components, thereby assuring the filtering of those frequencies from the signal chain and adding back more instructions to dedicate to the FIR filter.

The suggestion to go to -40 I’ll check out. At that point, it may cause some songs that have quiet intros to stay muted as those sounds build. But I won’t know until I test it. There’s a couple songs I can think to test it out with. One is the rolling thunder in The Thunder Rolls by Garth Brooks. There’s also a couple songs I can’t remember that have that in their intro during the first 30 seconds or so. Just have to check to make sure it won’t trigger during that and other than that, good suggestion.

For the sample rate, I should have a breakout section on that to explain where, in each of the programs, that is at and how to match them. That way there is no way someone will be confused by that and also so people can go to 44.1kHz easily to get the extra instructions.

Once again, thank you for the kind words and the notes on the document.