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This weekend, I spent some time with my kids fixing up the cheap go kart I bought. This needed a lot of work! It was completely missing a seat, the seat slides were completely rusted and no longer worked. The engine was entirely too big for it and some of the wheels had lost their bearings. Overall, it was a mess!

So I let the kids go to town painting it and then we mounted a new seat, new slides, new throttle cable, fix the brake, installed 2 new tires and installed a new motor (I just took it from a different go-kart that I had). The way I had to mount the motor, I decided to run the 35 chain on the outside. In order to do this, had to buy a longer Jack shaft, but it all worked out in the end. I also ended up adding some seat belts, since there weren’t any on there. Tomorrow I’ll try to get some better pictures when it’s out and about. Hopefully we’ll try running it tomorrow. I’d love to say that this project went smoothly, but there were definitely some pretty big issues with it. One thing I still need to fix is warring in on off switch. Currently there isn’t one. Also I think the kids want to paint the wheels red. I want to first make sure it runs correctly before we start adding too much paint LOL.