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Actually, transmission line mostly boils down to driver size and Fs/Fo, depending on what the manufacturer uses. The beauty of TL over vented/ported is the roll-off. TL is much, MUCH more gentle of a rolloff than ported. The drawback is that you need to incorporate the length of the tl into the overall box size vs. using a port.

I’m not at home atm, but can give you an idea of what to expect for box sizes and port/tl cross-section size and length when I get back. (Man, I really need to get my quick evaluation software done and out to you guys n gals for just such a situation)

If you do a search on here for Transmission Line Software, you’ll find a thread with a wayback machine link to HornResp software. This, along with WinISD can help you figure out the best way to go with that particular driver.

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