Thanks for the guidance – very helpful! I’m really enjoying your content and already thinking about the “next project” (probably a DAC or amplifier).

While I hadn’t really expect #4 (not enough bass), I had thought about bridging the RCAs and deferred that as an easy later change.

My deployment plan was, based on the Lepai supporting RCA stereo in and out was going to be:

[source – stereo] –> RCA pair –> [speaker A] –> RCA pair –> [Speaker B]

…solely for the convenience of only having to connect the source to a single speaker and wanting to experiment with a few different sources.

Bridging the RCAs would combine L & R channels into mono (I think) so I’d then change it to the more “normal”

[source – R] –> RCA R –> [Speaker A]

[source – L] –> RCA L –> [Speaker B]

…and probably insert a switching source / preamp to manage multiple sources.

Parts should arrive today so looking forward to getting everything hooked up in the next few days!

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