Yeah I’m really limited on space width and height wise but as for depth the enclosure can be as large as 600mm if needed, I did consider trying to make it a 2.1 system but as its on a quiet caravan site I think the other people on the site would feel some kinda way about bass booming into the night haha. So yeah I think just having a stereo set up would work better. As for the drivers, I’ve used the pc-83 on my surround speakers and I do love them, but unfortunately my overall height of the enclosure has to be under 90mm, so I plan to use the ND65 mated to an ND20fb tweeter, as I’ve used that combination on the speaker in my profile pic and to my ears it sounds great. I actually love how good that little 2.5″ driver sounds, and it’s bass is impressive, I am open to other suggestions though. The main reason I made this thread is because this will be my first soundbar and tbh I dont know much about those designs.

I apologise for this long reply but this is my thinking on the design, I’ve seen that most bars use an MTM either side, but i was under the impression that MTM horizontally isn’t a good idea for off axis listening, so I’m curious why its used on a bar? Is it because there’s one set of MTM on each side that improves the off axis response? I think ill probably use just a two way on each side, tweeters being furthest apart from each other, does that sound ok or does it really need more drivers? And would it be designed as one enclosure or divided into two separate enclosures?

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