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Ah forget it, I think I have time tonight. The horn you have chosen has a 1200hz cutoff, which matches up nice with the Odeum Ryman. Honestly, I am really interested in that driver, especially with it’s extended high frequency. BUt a few questions first. Are you using this for PA use or home use? That will make a difference. Also, where do you foresee yourself crossing this over at? Obviously, no later than 1.2Khz. But do you have an estimated range?

As it sits, the Rosso is the best sounding (that I have heard). Having said that, the DE250 sounds really good and is almost half the price. Is the rosso, twice as good sounding? I wouldn’t say that. Honestly, I would be happy with either in my project (assuming the right circumstances). The Odeum Ryman really intrigues me, a lot. Especially with that high end. However, in general I am not a huge fan of Titanium diaphragms. However,I will say this, on paper, the Dayton has the best high end.

My guess is that the Dayton is probably really good at it’s price point, but not as good as either of the others in sound quality. But that is literally just a guess.