Quick update…build completed (99%, still waiting on one set of magnets to hold on one of the grilles)


* I’m reminded how much I prefer working with real wood vs MDF, especially for finishing. I kept it simple as a first speaker build…just painted & lacquered MDF…but would veneer or use hardwood exterior next time. Painting, sanding & matte lacquer finish took well over half the build time.

* The DINAS were pretty simple to build from plans that are really clear and easy to follow. Definite 👍 for the documentation!

* The two real deviations I made were a) I used 3/4″ MDF for the exterior, instead of the 1/2″ MDF (which I used for the port), with a corresponding adjustment to the interior port length to keep it consistent with the tuning in the plan, and b) I added grilles made from $20 aluminium screen door frames I purchased at a big box store + speaker cloth from a fabric shop.

* a suggestion I’d make for those people who are thinking about building these, is to extend the leads from the tweeter before installing them. This will allow you more flexibility in how you connect them to the plate amplifier, and minimize the size of any holes needed to route the leads.

* Sound quality is good, quite full and enjoyable — and I do not need a subwoofer with these 😀. Called DINAS for a reason. I find the higher frequencies a little bright to my taste and the tweeter, especially, to be quite directional. Not sure how much of the brightness is the plate amp vs the drivers. Definitely *much* better than the $100 desktop speakers these replace!

* I purchased two Nobsound 19v 4.7a power supplies and my initial impression is positive. None of the feedback hum other builders have reported with other switched power supplies, and they are dead-quiet when there is no input signal. The output volumes are sufficient to the space I have, without bridging the two channels, so I will forego that.

Anyway, just wanted to give props to 123Toid and JoeNTell for the design and I’m looking forward to enjoying these, at least until I decide to do something more ambitious!

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