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@tvor-ceasar thanks for explaining that, I’ve never input an 8ohm and a 4ohm of the same driver before so I hadn’t realised it would change the f3 so much. This leads me into another question, since the 8ohm version gives me 73hz f3, when they are wired together in parallel and they become 4ohm does that mean they will have the same f3 as the 4ohm version, and vice versa for using 4ohm drives in series? I’m sat here trying to decide if that is a stupid question or not 😄 I can’t decide so I’ll leave it in anyway.

What was your box volume and tuning frequency to get the 46hz? I could get to 50hz by messing a bit with them but my graph started to look a bit too lumpy if I tried to take it lower, granted I am still learning what the graph should look like for the best results though.