No, it does not. The Fs and Qts stay the same, just the Vas changes depending on how you configure things. I suggest you take a few minutes and go to Hexibase’s YT channel and look for “T/S Parameters Explained” (a 2 part series), currently 3 years ago, so 2019. He does an extremely thorough job of showing how everything is derived, with equations and ultimately charts, making it easy for inquiring minds to understand. I have screenshots, but I would rather people watch his videos for all the nuances he adds.

As for the boxes, I used my QuickBASIC programs that were adapted from a series of articles in Popular Electronics by William R. Hoffman in the 90’s. They usually come up the same as WinISD’s defaults. I like them because I can input the parameters in less than 10 seconds and be at an idea that quick. I’ll have to rerun them later to get the box sizes, but they were very small.

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