Also, for those not willing to learn some programming, etc., these are better fits. One of them is for having multiple in a single speaker if doing a three way (issues of two different master oscillating crystals, will never truly sync, but you can get close with doing the delays for the drivers), whereas the other is for 8 input, 8 output, spdif in and out, etc.



Those can be fully programmed with sigmastudio without CCES. The ADAU1467 gets close to the processing power of the ADSP-21489, but it simplifies what you need greatly. Cost is about the same (if needing 2 of the first one for up to a 4-way or the second one which has all the inputs similar to the board we are working on).

Verify first with the vendor, for the first link, whether the boards have the 1463 or the 1467. Also verify what ADC and DAC is being sent with the board. For the second link, it is plug and play using 3.5mm aux. two channel plugs.

But those would likely be simpler for many to work with, while providing what they need. In fact, two of the first link would, in theory, have more taps available than the adsp-21489. Once again, synchronization issues may arise, but should be minimal. There are numerous ways to handle two in a single system.

I am still working on an error in CCES when building the application project. I’ll report when I have more info.

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