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@Rich glad to have you on board. I think we can definitely help you with this. It looks like the port that you have right now is only about two and a half inches. That’s going to be too small. The typical Port size is going to be between 1/3 to one half the size of the driver. Obviously most people aren’t going to want to put a 6-in port on a 12-in driver. So I would recommend trying a slot port. Maybe something about 12″ wide x 1.5″ and see how long it is. Also pay attention to the first Port resonance. Do you have any idea of where you want to cross this over at? Typically you want your first Port resonance to be twice wherever you cross it over at. So if you’re subble for only place 80 hertz and below, you’d want a first Port resonance of 160 HZ or higher. We’ll see where we are when we get some results from that. But I think that would be closer to what you’re going to be looking for.

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