So, I will have to buy an ICE-1000 in order to then solder on the JTAG points and develop/debug the software I made in CCES. After that, it is my hopes that I can then program the device with the finished program through sigmastudio (without needing the ICE-1000 to program). If I am able to do that, then I will release that program once I finish developing it. Until then, yes, it wipes the program downloaded through sigmastudio on reset until the program loader is flashed on the hardware and the boot is set to start what was developed in sigmastudio.

Meanwhile, the ADAU-1467 has nearly as many instructions as the ADSP-21489, but does not even require CCES. All programming is done simply with sigmastudio. This is better for people without any knowledge on programming and debugging. As soon as I finish developing for myself, I can share that, but that will depend on my schedule. So I cannot promise when I will be done.

So, the adau-1467 is more user friendly and does not require all this work. SHARC requires the extra work, but is more free in that way. Most want the 1467 designs because it is like that 1701 but more powerful.

Meanwhile, these products that we have are to use the DSP for a home theater system, using allotments for IIR filters for each output, etc. The software requires you to open the usb midi program, then open the english version of the program, link with USB, then change settings inside that program. When done correctly, those settings do persist. But that is not sigmastudio download.

So, if not wanting to wait on me, the adau1467 is the one to get.

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