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I think the main reason @123toid suggested I use the full range BMR driver as the tweeter is mainly to improve the fact that it’s a horizontal mtm design, those drivers seem to do some sorcery with the sound from how I understand them, and yeah I was considering just putting one woofer and one tweeter on each side, to bring down the cost and because I had heard that mtm horizontally we’re lacking in the off axis. But I went with the MTM design mainly because I wanted better power handling by sharing the load and also after modelling the single woofer enclosure it was way over the xmas limit on the cone excursion and I’m yet to understand why since it’s suppose to handle 15watts rms, I’m sure I’ll figure it out at some point though. I understand it a little better than I did after your input though.

My reasoning for keeping the baffle level at the front was because I have the height limit, and to keep that height with a pitched baffle I’d have increase the length from top to bottom, I Know its probably only by a few mm but I’m not sure how much you can change the dimensions of a baffle before it changes the response with the designed crossover, so to then make one with a 90° baffle for someone else I thought might mess with the response and need crossover adjustment. I’m probably overthinking it again though 😄 luckily it’s easy to change in fusion at this stage.