Hey Nick, thanks for the response! In the screenshots I posted I show a 1st port resonance around 175hz, while the max port velocity is around 26.5 m/s at 7.5hz. Since as you noted there is not much in this range I wouldn’t think this port velocity would be an issue. I know you suggest no more than 17m/s for port velocity but I have seen others say there are no issues up to 31 m/s. Is there any more you can say about this assuming both ends of the port have a nice rounded edge?

I understand your point about not much content below 20hz, but for the few times it does happen I would really like to feel it.

Also, would you be able to explain the Amplifier Apparent Load Power plot in Winisd? This plot appears to show some serious power going to the sealed box design with a linkwitz transform applied, even though cone excursion looks good. Screenshot attached

Lastly, thanks for all the great videos and information for this hobby!

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