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No problem at all, I appreciate you taking the time to respond. It appears your thoughts about impedance were correct. Here are the two for comparison. In the plots I have a 4 ft^3 sealed box and an 8 ft^3 sealed box, both with 750 watts applied. I also have a linkwitz transform on the smaller box, which is my concern. I basically tuned the linkwitz transform to maximize cone excursion so I can get the most low end extension out of the woofer. If the plot is showing the power needed to push the woofer due to the transform then I have concerns it could fry the woofer even though cone excursion looks ok. But maybe it would be ok since not much content goes that low and it would likely be short in duration? If I can’t get the 4 ft^3 to work with the linkwitz transform I will likely go with the 8 ft^3 sealed box. This also brings me to another question. I know typically sealed boxes are smaller and Stereo Integrity recommends a 4 ft^3 box, but is there a downside of a larger sealed box if the cone excursion looks good?

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