@chedwin thanks for the suggestion. I have read that article before but just read through it again for memory. I do understand generally a sealed enclosure is better for music while ported is better for movies which is mainly what I do with my system. But comparing the spl graphs, a sealed design with the HT-18 v3 appears to perform very well compared to the MX15 that Nick designed. It even appears to play much lower minus that small boost 18-35hz range in the MX15 ported design. I know in that article it talks about a 2 to 4x increase in low end extension for a ported design but I’m sure that is talking about the same driver in ideal and optimized box designs, meaning this 18 would need a 22 ft^3 box to really get the most out the low end extension. I do have a hypothetical question though. If you had two subs designed, one ported and one sealed, and they both showed the exact same transfer function and spl in Winisd, would there be a very noticeable sound difference in the 25hz and less frequency range? Would one produce more room gain than the other? I know the sealed has much less group delay meaning the transients are much faster, but if both subs are playing the exact same spl, will there be a large audible difference? Would you feel the ported design more than a sealed design?

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