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Well…with just one hooked up to the laptop the DINAS sound AMAZING!!!   I put on a playlist of high-fidelity tracks for a test run and I’ve been glued to my seat for an hour.  The Daytons are full & crisp and the low end on the Tan Bands even sounds great at low volume.  I’m impressed with the DINAS performance in all genres of music.

The crossover pops the sub a few times when adjusting the dial through the 50hz range but I’m running the crossover around 120hz so it’s a non-issue for me.

I’m going to try out different power supplies like TVOR suggested until I eliminate the noise issue.  I’m checking with parts express to see if they have a good power adapter to pair with the LP210PA since I purchased the amp from them.

My goal was to build a fold down media desk with speakers that fit beside it in the wall, which is why I slightly modified the box design.  The DINAS are a perfect match for my workstation.  Thank you for designing these amazing speakers!