Sorry guys, had some stressful family news earlier this week that took up most if my time, but I’ve got some time to look into this tonight now,

it sounds like a good idea, only I’m no where near qualified enough to make it happen, I’d end up breaking my tv or something 😂 but thank you for your input

@AJC I appreciate the work you put into that post to help me with this, after reading the options you gave I think I’ll go down the DAC route, I was hoping that a single wire would suffice as I hate to have multiple boxes doing what a simple aux leads used to do. But given that I don’t have enough credits with the mrs to be allowed to buy a DAC of substantial cost I’m gonna be stuck with a cheap one. After I have a quick google search I’ll post a link to the product for your opinion if you don’t mind taking a look?


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