Thank you so much for all the thoughtful input you are giving me. Here an off topic but related comment to insist on my position.

I did neglect to tell you that we are located in Buenos Aires Argentina, where understanding the economy is equal to understanding the existence of parallel universes. We would need at least 2 bottles of Jack Daniels and a very good disposition to get through that conversation.

Just to give you a reference,  the JBL EON 715 which retails for US 600 in the USA, here in Buenos Aires, retails for US 2000. YES, not a mistake, more than three times the US price.  A Klipsch R-80SWI that retails in the USA for US 336, here in Buenos Aires retails for 1000 dollars. To buy something equal to the Soundstage 15 here, we would have to pay between 4500 and 6000 US.  It is far, and I mean Far, cheaper for us to fly to MIami get the parts bring them back and build everything here, than buying retail brands here, plus PA speakers are usually pricier.  Importing as an individual is a nightmare. Customer and warranty support can take months to get resolved because usually it means shipping items back to the US or wherever, because there is very little local service and parts etc.

Plus, there are no stores where you can go and test and compare speakers. There are very high end stores where they have a few speakers that you can listen to, but no store has the kind of in store stock needed to have a comparison listening experience as you guys enjoy in many places in the US.  No store has that kind of in store stock because buying brand speakers is a true luxury, that very, very few can afford.

So, we have to figure this out in a different way (btw, I am laughing right now because as I write this post I see how ridiculously high our hopes are, but, Oh Well!!!)

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