This is very good advice, I looked into it and I believe you are right, it will be far more efficient for what we need, to have a multi amp set up. It will also give us far more flexibility to create sound “zones”  by managing the gain individually by amp, and by being able to input specific sources of sound to individual amps.  Yes, this may be a bit low tech, more manual, but we will have a set up far more open to create and design at the budget we have available.   The cost may be a bit higher, but not by that much.

I am thinking of getting the Crown XLi 2500 which gives me 500 into 8 Omhs, of course, I have to shuffle my budget and see if this is possible, but I am also considering getting only three, and getting the fourth one hopefully in a few months. That extra output may be a good investment for something that is going to be used a lot and high efficiency is key for sound quality and peace of mind.

So thank you Josh!  Do appreciate your extra input and your time!  Would love to buy you a cup of coffee if you have the option.

Toid’s, Buying the plans for the Soundstage 15 and for the Cinema 10.  The wait for the parts of the Cinema 10 is not that bad, and in the mean time we can build the Soundstage 15 and start setting everything up. This Forum is Very Helpful! Thank you!

I will be back, then, to share how great is everything going!

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