Looks like some fun.

If you want to hear about my audio journey coming full circle from when I just got started, I was looking at the Purifi PTT6.5X drivers (which due to exchange rates currently cost $300 plus shipping from Purifi direct; the 4″ is $200, the 8 inch is just over $500). So, I started looking for drivers with very low distortion that equally could be used in monitor and high end hi-fi. Guess where I ended up? .Kartesian! Seriously, their 4″ and 6.5″, although they cannot reach as low a frequency as the Purifi, they have very low electrical inductance compared to many in the field, and they also have great linearity. And due to the extra savings your would get buying them, you could build a 5.1 system easily.

And that is where it comes full circle, I designed a home theater system using the 4″ Kartesians and put the rough design on this forum. I may want to tweak it with what I have learned since then, but generally those small speakers would work great, just sub out the tweeters from Kartesian for some Satori tweeters (I found the ones I want on a European site selling for about $60 less than the cost in the US, while those tweeters have lower distortion than even the Kartesian monitor series).

Just wanted to share that considering the purchase of a receiver like that for a home theater setup.

I also figured out that if instead you use the 6.5″ Kartesians in an MTM setup vented, That will push over 110dB, so when paired with the Satori TW29RN-B, you will have basically studio monitors. https://audio-hi.fi/en/sb_acoustics_tw29rn-b-4_2046-p-793.html

But looks like you have a new fun toy!

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