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I know you’ve been waiting patiently.  I had hoped that some others would chime in.

The SoundStage 15 is a very efficient speaker. The woofer alone is rated at 97.3 dB (2.83v/1M, which at the 8 ohm rating is 1W/1M), and the compression tweeter is rated at between 109 – 116 dB (1W/1M) though it would be padded down to better match the woofer. So, when all is said and done, it could have a rating of somewhere in the high 90’s dB, and that’s at 1 watt. this comes into play later.

Power: the woofer is 800 W RMS / 1600 W MAX and the compression driver is 80W RMS , and up to 120W depending on frequency. So you’d add the ratings together to get a total: 880-920 watts RMS.

Here’s the fun part. You have to think about the size of the room and really how loud you want to get. And with that type of efficiency, it gets loud in a big hurry on smaller amounts of power. Plus, since they are designed with an F3 of 46 Hz, that means more of the power is available for music than if it went deeper in the bass region.

That being said, depending on the size of the room, you probably won’t need more than 400-500 watts. it’s when you go outside that you’ll need more. Recommending an amp is something I’ll leave up to others in the forum to do since I primarily only deal in lower power stuff. Hope this helps clear up some of your questions, and gets others interested.

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