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Hi Ya Toid!

“…It’s been almost a year, how are you still enjoying them?”

A few months late to reply… and far too long since I’ve been here to enjoy the company of good audio folk & yourself.  Since finishing these subs and getting my Denon X3700… I’m not spending so much time on the web. Instead, busy enjoying the system albeit with movies or music.

The subs continue to impress me. There’s no replacement for displacement when it comes to chest thumping bass… but for the size of my room and the need for a small package… these are amazing. The NX6000 doesn’t begin to break a sweat. I’ve been startled out of my seat by blasts (on the screen) and see only 1 bar appearing on the amp. Far more power and speaker than is really needed… but it’s exactly what was wanted!

When music is being played, the subs get dialed back a few notches. That’s primarily cause I still run base heavy for movies/shows. Music, no so much. Still, the quality of sound these subs brought is outstanding. Over the past year, I can honestly say there’s never been a time when any better was wished for. On the few occasion more bass was wanted…. it was just a matter of turning those little knobs a click or two…lol    Thanks for the introduction to CSS and the inspiration 😉