The more I read and research the clearer it is I’m not even close to being able to do such a project. At this point, I will need to work with someone to design the speaker as I envision it, with lots of feedback/opinion from the person I’d work with as to components, etc, and have them or someone else put it together based on the developed plans.

I could probably put together some pre made kit speaker from GR research or what ever, no interest in that. The speaker I want made should at least be the equal of what I have, or better, for less $. That’s the goal. It should also look great.

I’d higher Toid or other to design the speaker, which for him would be easy to do. Does he do that type of thing? I sent him an email and no response.

Whether he made it is a different topic, but at least I’d have a full set of plans to follow down to driver chosen, X overs, etc.

If someone else is interested in such a project let me know.

Finally, I’d review them on my YT channel and see if a high end build was the equal to my reference ATC’s for less $.

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