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Hello everyone. I have not been here in a while, but I need some advice.

I have built a few IcePower amps and so far I am extremely happy with them. I built a 500ASP+500A in a Ghent case for my towers in my HT set up. After hearing the great improvement I built a 3 channel using 200ASC+200AC+200AC. Ghent does not have a case for this but I emailed them and they set me up with a kit and even predrilled the case. The also provided a backing plate for a 3 channel. I was using the Art Clean Box to get from unbalance RCAs to balanced XLRs and get the signal up for the amps, but I kept having issues with the clean boxs, RCAs failing. So I switched over to the Rolls MB15b. These do the same thing, but no build quality issues.

I have a Marantz SR6013 receiver along with a couple FI 18″ infinite baffle subwoofer being pushed by a¬† Crown XLi 3500 amp. And here lies the problem.

The Marantz and the Crown, both being AB amps, draw a ton of power. If i turn it up too loud the Marantz senses the low power from my mains and will shut off. That was one of the main reasons I was switching over to the ICE amps.

My question is, I want to run my 18s (single 4 ohm voice coil) off two of the 1000ASC modules built as mono block amps, but my 18s are running in an opposing manifold  so I have been running them as an 8 ohm mono set up. If I run them on two amps, but they are essentially in the same box? How do I assure that they are running equally?

I know this is a convoluted question, but normally if I run multiple subs in the same box, then I run them bridged or on the same channel of an amp so they are balanced.

I need to replace the Crown AB amp with a class D for the efficacy. If not with two if the 1000 amp IcePower amps, what else can I use? I would like to stay with the ICE amps if possible.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.