That is a really good question.  Also I am glad to hear the Icepower amplifiers are working so well for you. I am assuming in the current arrangement, there is no center wall separating the subwoofers. So you are basically concerned that the signal they will receive will be a little off, thus throwing the system a kink. If this is the issue you are concerned with, I don’t think you really need to be. Let me explain why I don’t think this will be an issue.  Whenever you run two subwoofers, there will always be some sort of delay, even in the same box.  Just using a different length of wire will add a little delay.  Granted this delay is miniscule and isn’t worth worrying about. But the same should be for the amplifiers.  There may be a slight delay between the amplifiers, but it shouldn’t be anything that would be concerning.  Just make sure to split your signal cable to the two amplifiers and away you go. Most people are more concerned when it is a dual voice coil subwoofer and they are trying to run two channels off of it. But in your case, I don’t see a problem. But someone correct my if you think I am wrong.

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